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larry lewis

Lawrence Lewis, President
Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.


Kenneth Comerford, Vice President
Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.


Lewis and Comerford Head Vanton Pump


HILLSIDE, NJ, USA — The Board of Directors of Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp., has appointed Lawrence Lewis as President and Kenneth Comerford as Vice President.

Lewis joined the privately held manufacturer in 1991 and formerly held the position of Executive Vice President. As president he succeeds his father, Gerald Lewis, who co-founded the company in 1950.

Comerford started with the company in 1982 and was previously Vice President Sales.

"Vanton has grown for over 60 years as a pioneer in non-metallic pumps, and will continue to invest in innovative engineering and expanded capabilities to strengthen our global position," says Lewis.

The company produces vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps, peristaltic pumps and pump/tank systems for


corrosion-free handling of up to 1000 gal/min (4 m3/min) of acidic and caustic chemicals across the entire pH range, as well as reagent grade chemicals, ultrapure water and other contamination-sensitive fluids. All fluid contact components of the pumps are molded of solid thermoplastics that are inert to fluid being handled, preventing both corrosion of the pump and contamination of the fluid.

"Our pumps operate in over 75 countries across all industries in which corrosive or ultrapure fluids are handled including water and waste treatment, pollution control, metal finishing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, mining and semiconductor manufacturing," explains Comerford, adding, "As environmental regulations tighten worldwide, dependability in containing harmful chemicals increases, which is squarely where Vanton excels."