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The pioneer and world leader in engineered thermoplastic pumps


In 1950, Vanton developed a revolutionary all-plastic pump for use in conjunction with the first heart-lung device. The design limited fluid contact to only two non-metallic parts: a plastic body block and a flexible liner. This marked the birth of Vanton's Flex-I-Liner® sealless, self-priming rotary pump.

Flex-I-Liner® pump installations quickly expanded into all industries and municipal applications involving corrosive, abrasive and viscous fluids as well as those that must be transferred without contaminating the product. As demand increased, so did specifications calling for capacities that exceeded its limits, prompting Vanton to develop the first centrifugal pumps with all fluid-contact components molded of solid thermoplastics that are inert to the most acidic to the most caustic chemicals.

Vanton's first thermoplastic centrifugal pump was a CHEM-GARD® horizontal pump introduced in 1963, followed with a SUMP-GARD® vertical thermoplastic pump in 1968, greatly expanding the company's industrial and municipal customer base.

In addition to new and replacement applications for stand-alone pumps, FLEX-I-LINER®, SUMP-GARD® and CHEM-GARD® pumps became widely utilized as components for integrated OEM systems that handle corrosive, abrasive or ultrapure fluids, as well as for Vanton's own Pump/Tank Systems.

Now a major product line, Vanton's non-metallic Pump/Tank Systems with sensors and programmable controls are offered in capacities to 5,000 gallons (227 to 18,927 liters). Engineered, tested, and ready to run, the systems take the risk, complications, and delays out of individually sourcing pumps, tanks, controls, sensors and other accessories from multiple vendors.

Today, Vanton produces six lines of SUMP-GARD® vertical thermoplastic pumps, in a range of sizes up to 20 ft (6.10 m), with capacities to 900 gpm (204 m3/h) at heads to 180 ft (55 m).


CHEM-GARD® horizontal centrifugal thermoplastic pumps are also offered in six lines, with flow capacities to 1150 gpm (261 m3/h) at heads to 185 ft (56 m).

Prior to shipment, Vanton performance tests every pump to conditions of service and beyond — at a minimum of six performance points--ensuring customers of dependable performance upon delivery. Recorded data is kept in perpetuity. To test pumps across an expanded flow range in greater numbers with improved precision, Vanton engineered and built an all-new testing facility equipped with state-of-the-art digital instrumentation that became operational in January of 2012.

Keeping pace with the expansion of its thermoplastic pump products into more than 75 countries, Vanton has established a worldwide network of factory sales and service representatives who are knowledgeable about Vanton pumps as well as the applications in which they are employed. As a result, Vanton has likely solved a specialized pumping problem precisely like yours many times before.

Innovative from the start, Vanton is dedicated to problem solving through close, personal customer involvement, helping industry and municipalities meet pumping challenges while complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Regardless of the Vanton pump you specify, rest assured that it is engineered to provide the ultimate in performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance, and that Vanton engineers, technicians and over 400 sales representatives are devoted to ensuring your total satisfaction.